Author: Thomas Magnuson

People Thomas Magnuson and Bill Clinton, ready to work the room.

How to work a room

I grew up with a CEO dad. He never played sports with me, and I’m no good with power tools. But he did teach me…
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Operations economy hotel

How to run an economy hotel

Main Street America hotels are still feeling the effects of the Great Recession. Major franchises such as Holiday Inn have contributed to a 5% US…
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Management 24 hours

Every day has 24 hours

Want to be more effective? Try these Top CEO time management strategies. Every day has 24 hours; you just need to know how to use…
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Management Tom and Harry Magnuson, with license plates 2 and 1.

Why family business can be either a dynasty or disaster

Have you ever dreamed that your small family company could someday be the next Hilton or Marriott? Well, I’ve grown up in a dynasty (with…
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Finance bootstrap

Bootstrap it as long as you can

‘Bootstrap it as long as you can’ is one of the most important concepts business owners and entrepreneurs need to keep in mind for long-term…
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