Author: Thomas Magnuson

Management, Selling OTAs framed

Were the Online Travel Agencies framed?

For over ten years, OTA (online travel agency) giants such as Expedia, Priceline and have been demonized by franchise chains for being too expensive,…
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People, Selling drinks with final

To increase business, it’s who you have drinks with.

As hoteliers, the biggest challenge is how to get customers in the door; making them a return customer is the easy part. So here are…
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Management U2 full body shot

How U2 and Magnuson Hotels overcame the crisis of growth

“There goes U2. They used to be a rock and roll band.” Instead of the shouts of adoring fans, that’s what Bono and the band…
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Selling sell to ceo

How to sell to the CEO

Do you have trouble making sales, and a tough time getting through to the decision maker? As CEO of a top 10 global hotel chain,…
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Selling Airline-pricing


Have you ever wondered when you are booking a flight, why the $200 ticket price you saw yesterday is $300 today?  This is because the…
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Finance SBA loan

The insider’s way to secure an SBA loan for your hotel

Having a tough time getting a bank loan for your hotel? That’s because many local and regional lenders are nervous to make loans in an…
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